Meet Lloyd's Register: Finalists for Diversity and Inclusion Champion of the Year in our Annual Business Awards

What's made them Finalists

From ensuring that female voices are actively heard, valued and addressed to creating a robust diversity and inclusion culture that truly embraces every individual, Lloyd's Register takes inclusivity beyond their organisational duties, supporting minority owned businesses in Singapore. 

Addressing Employee Concerns 

Lloyd's Register's #Equalaccess campaign started in the Singapore office where one of their female senior surveyors highlighted the lack of equal access to facilities (toilets, showers, changing rooms) in the shipyards here. A survey was held amongst their technical women, which snowballed into a global campaign as the results show that this is a global issue. 1 in 4 women working in shipyards and manufacturer’s sites do not enjoy the same access as their male counterparts. By not providing these essentials, they can have a negative impact on women’s overall health and wellbeing at work. Click here to view. The same is said of proper PPE fit for technical women.

Gender Equality and driving Unity Across the Organisation 

In the last 12 months, the executive leadership (ELT hereafter) is certainly more diverse, with an equal split of 50% men and 50% (up from 24% in 2021) women at the C-suite. This includes the reporting of non-executive of Group HSE director to the CEO. Additionally, the executive team is also more ethnically diverse with the hiring and staffing of the Chief Innovation and Technology placed in the Singapore office.

This has a ‘trickle-down’ effect where the composition of the ELT minus one and minus two, within the Operations business stream (where most of the technical roles like engineering are) have more diverse representation with women as well as different ethnicities, including the Marine Plan Approval Lead based in Singapore. Their colleague networks of Gender, Disability Alliance, Unity (support for LGBTQ+ and allies) and EthNet (support for cultural diversity) are formed on a global basis with membership from all locations, including the Singapore office.

Supporting Minorities 

LR is a member of the Diversity Study Group within the Maritime Industry and shares DEI practices on a quarterly meet up basis. LR Singapore has taken a role to be an external influencer, hosting workshop during the Singapore Maritime week in April this year.

The Singapore office has already started to work with minority owned business for DEI events. These minority owned businesses are GiftAbled to support conversations around disabilities; and queer owned businesses like Prout and SMOL. By diversifying their supplier network, they are also supporting the communities within their societies.