Event: Women of the Future team prepare to host "Week of Women" in November 2019


From 4th - 7th November 2019 the team behind the Women of the Future Awards in London and South East Asia will be hosting a "Week of Women", culminating in the Women of the Future Summit and the London edition of the Awards.

As artificial intelligence becomes more sophisticated, enabling machines to carry out many of the analytical and routine skills that humans have traditionally taken care of, so our irreplaceable human ability to empathise and connect with other human beings will become more important. With the rapid development of virtual reality, these skills will also be easier to develop, creating the potential for a step-change in the way that humans understand each other. At this year’s Women of the Future Summit, we will explore the coming ‘Age of Empathy’. How will it change the way that we learn, work and run businesses? What does it mean for us individually and how can we get ahead of the game?

For more information on the events in London click here.