Tarun Samtani - Data Protection & Privacy Leader

Tarun Samtani - Data Protection & Privacy Leader

May 23, 2024
Information Technology
Program and Project Management

Key Skills

• Strategic Planning & Program Management: Develop and lead comprehensive data privacy programs, ensuring alignment with business objectives and global compliance.

• Privacy Governance & Legal Advice: Provide actionable, tailored legal advice on global privacy laws, mitigating risk, promoting 'privacy by design,' and embedding data privacy & ethics principles.

• Privacy Culture Building & Awareness Training: Cultivate a privacy-conscious environment through engaging training programs and awareness initiatives.

• Privacy by Design & AI Governance: Integrate privacy, AI and ethical principles into products & solutions, including AI/ML systems. Collaborate extensively with tech teams including IT, InfoSec, UX/Digital, etc. to ensure privacy legal compliant solutions are baked into the design.

• Senior Stakeholder Engagement: Collaborate effectively with senior leadership across diverse teams to achieve program goals and foster a collaborative privacy culture.

• Clear & Concise Communication: Draft clear, concise, and easy-to-understand privacy policies and procedures for diverse audiences. • Audit & Compliance Support: Support successful audits (e.g., ISO 27701/ISO 27001) by ensuring teams are prepared to demonstrate adherence to international privacy standards.

This Job Seeker Requires a Singapore Employment Pass