Ambition, Wealth and Happiness

How ambitious are you? How near have you got to realising that ambition? Whatever your answers, they demand planning - personal strategic career / lifestyle planning and shrewd tactical financial planning. The two go hand in hand. To plan for one without the other is to risk ending up well off but unfulfilled OR delighted with your career but money poor. The right objective is to achieve a balance of work satisfaction and adequate money for life and old age.

Do you know what would be your ideal life? Are you able to describe it? Instinctively many people say they would like to be rich, to have a wonderful family, to work in an interesting job, to travel to places they have heard about but never visited. What they mean is to be happy. Pre-Covid we would have hesitated to use that as our objective in life. Somehow happiness then seemed self-indulgent and anti-social. Today everyone accepts happiness as the legitimate goal for life. Because happy people are the foundation of a staple society.

Do you know your purpose in life? Perhaps your immediate need is to survive? Maybe it is to save for housing, possibly for the children's education, or even a decent holiday. If you are finding it difficult to achieve your goals for these priorities you will understand how tough it is to plan, to position yourself for ten or twenty years ahead. And yet that is what you must do.

If you reply 'later' remember that later is always too late. Our ancestors two thousand years ago realised the importance of ‘carpe diem’ (seize the day). Have we, in today's frantic world, copied it for development and growth but forgotten it for security and happiness? Development and growth come about tactically; security and happiness require strategy for achievement.

The PASDAQ® (Personality, Abilities, Skills, Dreams, Ambitions, Qualifications) is the most advanced analysis of who you are and what your objectives in life can be. Created by Terrific Mentors International it incorporates Your Future Financial Needs for which Eight Wealth International joins the analysis to add first-hand up-to-date expertise on what constitutes adequate financial resources to achieve your purpose.

Like a horse and carriage, purpose and resource go together. Discover your purpose and work out the financial framework needed to achieve it at the same time.

Together they will bring you happiness.