Coursera releases latest Global Skills Report, with in-depth findings from APAC countries

The Global Skills Report 2023 presents data on 100 countries drawn from Coursera’s registered learner base of more than 124 million learners. It concentrates on three of the most popular, job-relevant skill domains: business, technology, and data science.

Key Findings

  1. Economic growth is tied to skill proficiency
  2. Internet access is tied to economic opportunity
  3. Learners in high-income countries are more likely to invest in learning human skills
  4. Learners with postgraduate education are most likely to invest in AI-related skills
  5. Many countries are closing the gender gap in online learning
  6. Learners around the world are preparing for digital roles with Professional Certificates
  7. Skilled talent can be found around the world

Singapore snapshot


Download the full report by clicking on the image below.