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VenCap International plc


VenCap was founded in 1987 by Michael Ashall and we are one of the longest-established investment management and advisory firms active in the VC industry today. Since inception, we have made over 300 commitments to venture capital funds in the US, Europe, China and India.

VenCap is exclusively focused on investing in venture capital funds. We believe that this focus gives us a competitive advantage when it comes to identifying and accessing the best firms in the industry.

We have been trusted to manage capital by many leading institutions and family offices across the world. We are proud to have developed strong and lasting relationships with many of these investors based on trust, transparency and authenticity.

We believe that venture capital is a long-term business that is based on strong personal relationships. We work closely with the venture firms with whom we invest to provide insight and analytics that help inform their own decisions.

The majority of value created by the VC industry comes from a handful of companies founded each year. Historically, these companies have consistently received early stage funding from a small group of VC firms. Our mission at VenCap is to build a concentrated portfolio of VC funds focused around the successful “unicorn hunters”.

At VenCap, we value our independence extremely highly. This independence gives us the freedom to take strategic and investment decisions that are in the best interests of our investors and our funds. It also gives investors the certainty that our future is in our own hands.