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CompEx Certification Ltd


CompEx is a global certification company delivering certified assessments for personnel working in industrial explosive atmospheres.
Our competency qualifications are industry informed and are aligned to both international standards (ISO/IEC 60079 and elements of ISO/IEC 80079 and ISO/IEC 61511) and industry regulatory compliance. Our qualifications certify the competency of personnel working in hazardous areas and are regarded by both industry regulators and corporate employers, as critical to regulatory compliance. CompEx is the only Ex certification scheme that is accredited to ISO/IEC 17024 for the certification of people.
Our qualifications are relevant to industry compliance across a wide range of industries including Energy (Oil & Gas, Hydrogen and Renewables), Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Water Utilities, Food & Drink, Manufacturing, Maritime and Mining.
We have over 30,000 CompEx certified practitioners around the world, working to ensure safe operational practice in hazardous environments. Our qualifications are a critical part of functional safety and asset integrity, and enable industrial companies to mitigate the risks of industrial explosions, protecting people’s lives, industrial assets and the environment.
The CompEx international scheme for competency validation is delivered through a global network of independent training providers and assessment centres.
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