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AsiaWorks Television Pte Ltd


AsiaWorks is a creative video agency, founded over twenty years ago by a vibrant and talented group of producers, journalists and cameramen. Since then, we have been creating award-winning video content and campaigns for brands, companies, agencies, broadcasters, and non-profits. We are video specialists with round-the-clock offices in Bangkok, Jakarta, and Singapore. We provide high-quality regional video production services with an unrivalled network of crew, creatives and production professionals across Asia.
We make award winning video content and campaigns; we provide consultancy, training and strategy; and we move content around the globe through live webcasting and satellite transmissions.
Our clients have included everyone from the ABC to ZDF, Rolls-Royce to Roche, UNICEF to UNDP. Over the years, the knowledge we’ve acquired from our eclectic portfolio has taught us that there’s no one-size-fits-all-approach. We listen and learn about our customers, then carefully craft engaging videos and creative campaigns with them, that engage and grow their audiences.