British Chamber of Commerce Singapore and Dulwich College (Singapore) Celebrate Milestone Anniversaries with a Spectacular Chingay Performance

Press Release

In a showcase of cultural integration and community involvement, the British Chamber of Commerce Singapore, commemorating its 70th anniversary, and Dulwich College (Singapore), which is celebrating its 10th anniversary, are thrilled to announce a collaborative Chingay performance on 23 and 24 February 2024.

This latest step in the ongoing partnership between the British Chamber of Commerce and their member organisation Dulwich College (Singapore), symbolises the strong ties and shared values between the two esteemed institutions, highlighting their commitment to active participation in local community activities. The performance is set to feature performers from Dulwich College (Singapore), including students and teaching staff, and was choreographed by Head of Dance Aileen Morrison and Drama and Dance teacher Charlotte Drover from the school's Performing Arts department, which is led by Director Katrina Hegarty.

As foreign institutions in Singapore, both the British Chamber of Commerce and Dulwich College (Singapore) understand the importance of integrating into and contributing to the local community. Participating in the Chingay parade, an iconic cultural event in Singapore, is a testament to their commitment to this cause. Through this performance, both institutions aim to showcase the talents of their members, contribute to Singapore's vibrant cultural tapestry, and strengthen the bonds between different communities.

"We are honoured to mark our 70th anniversary with a collaboration that reflects our enduring commitment to Singapore's community and cultural heritage," said David Kelly, Executive Director of the British Chamber of Commerce Singapore. "Collaborating with Dulwich College (Singapore) for this Chingay performance is a celebration of our shared values and our collective aspiration to contribute positively to the society that continues to welcome the contributions of the British business community."

Echoing this sentiment, Nick Magnus, Head of Dulwich College (Singapore), stated, “We are thrilled to be partnering with the British Chamber of Commerce Singapore to participate in Chingay 2024 as we mark our tenth anniversary year. Embracing important cultural events such as this enriches the fabric of our school community, fostering unity and understanding through shared experiences that transcend textbooks and empower our students to be true global citizens.”

For tickets to the Chingay Festival visit The Festival is also broadcast live on the Chingay website at 8pm on Friday 23rd February, with a delayed TV telecast on Channel 5 on 10th March from 7.30pm to 9pm.