Member Testimonial: Nick Magnus, Dulwich College (Singapore)

Arriving in Singapore in August 2012 charged with the building and then the opening of a brand new International school here in Singapore was a little daunting to say the least but as a new start-up project the British Chamber of Commerce were absolutely invaluable to us. Not only were they a font of knowledge for how to do business in Singapore but they also offered such connectivity to the diverse Chamber community. It really helped to herald our arrival and connect us with so many people who might be interested in what Dulwich had to offer.

That connectivity has continued for the last 10 years and I have been fortunate enough to pay my good experiences forward by serving on the Membership Committee and latterly on the Executive Committee. All our staff now benefit from the many opportunities and offerings that the Chamber provides. During the height of the pandemic the Chamber worked tirelessly in conjunction with the British High Commission to support British business interests and their people here in Singapore. We really did come together and look out for each other.

I really cannot recommend them to you more highly. Our success so far is in no small part down to their support, guidance and friendship through the years.

Nick Magnus

Head of College, Dulwich College (Singapore)