UK - Southeast Asia Trade Digitalisation Pilots

Be Part of the Future of Digital Trade

The UK Government, with the British Chamber of Commerce Singapore and LogChain, is facilitating a series of pilot programmes that champion the adoption of electronic transferable records between the UK, Singapore and Thailand.

The UK – Southeast Asia Trade Digitalisation Pilots aims to deliver digitalised supply chain routes between the UK, Singapore and Thailand between October 2023 and May 2024.

The Pilots builds on the success of the first ever fully digitalised goods shipment which landed in Singapore from the UK in September 2023 following the UK’s ratification of the Electronic Trade Documents Act.


The Fort Vale Shipment

Formed by a global consortium of companies including Fort Vale, the British Chamber of Commerce Singapore, LogChain, Singapore Airlines, BT, Woodland Group, NG and EES, the shipment achieved a milestone in global trade by initiating the first fully digital cross-border goods movement.

Orchestrated by the British Chamber of Commerce in Singapore and harnessing the LogChain platform, the shipment, reinforced by the UK – Singapore Digital Economy Agreement, significantly reduced paperwork and logistics time, and improved the efficiency and sustainability of trade. The shipment resulted in:

  • 100% reduction of paper

  • 89% reduction of process time


UK – Southeast Asia Trade Digitalisation Pilots

On the back of Fort Vale shipment, the Pilots strives to collaborate with businesses and further develop the scope and efficiency of digitalised cross-border trade. Industry participation in the pilot programmes comes at zero cost to participating companies and their stakeholders.


  • Execute digitalised goods movement where feasible and timely.
  • Pinpoint prevalent private and public sector obstacles to digitalisation.
  • Prioritise quantitative over qualitative data in assessing challenges and benefits.


  • Demonstrations of digitalisation through actual shipments.
  • Industry roundtable discussions.
  • A comprehensive report detailing findings and recommendations for both public and private sectors.
  • Call to Action: proposed actionable next steps.
  • Quantification and promotion of successes within the transport, logistics and supply chain industries.


Interested in getting involved? We are eager to work with companies and explore how your organisation could engage in the Pilots Initiative. We encourage you to contact the British Chamber of Commerce Singapore at

Recent and upcoming activity

  • 21 November 2023: Industry Roundtable – Singapore
  • 5th March 2024: Industry Roundtable, UK-Southeast Asia Tech Week – Bangkok
  • 5th March 2024: Trade Digitalisation Panel Discussion, UK-Southeast Asia Tech Week – Bangkok
  • 12th March 2024: Digital Trade Roundtable with Department for Business and Trade – Singapore
  • 19th April 2024: The Future of Trade: Insights from the UK-Southeast Asia Trade Digitalisation Pilots Event – Singapore
  • 17th May 2024: Asia-Pacific Financial Forum & ASEAN-BAC Southeast Asia Conference – Bangkok
  • 31st May 2024: Pilot Programmes cease (digitalised shipments conclude)
  • June 2024: Final Report published

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