It's our platinum year! Find out how we'll be celebrating our 70th Anniversary in 2024

It is with immense pride and excitement that we announce the start of our 70th Anniversary celebrations!

Our journey began seven decades ago, with the vision of our founders to support the British manufacturing industry in Singapore, and continues today to build a thriving business community that fosters growth, innovation, and collaboration across all industries. Today, as we look back, we are filled with gratitude for the countless memories, achievements, and partnerships that have shaped our chamber.

Recognising our History: A Legacy of Growth & Networking in Singapore

We'll be producing commemorative materials this year to recognise our impact over 70 years, and to thank all those who have played a part in the Chamber's success. Look out for our Commemorative Book later in the year and much more to come. 


Community Activities: Building Bonds Beyond Business

Watch our calendar for activities designed to bring us closer, not just as business associates, but as a community giving back to the society that hosts us. We'll also provide plenty of opportunities for our members to get involved in the celebrations and offer your well wishes to the Chamber!


Social Highlights: A Year to Remember

Prepare to get involved in a calendar filled with unforgettable social events throughout the year. From elegant galas to casual networking evenings, each event is crafted to celebrate our collective journey. Highlighting our anniversary will be the grand 70th Anniversary Gala, a night of glamour, entertainment, and reflection, set against the backdrop of our shared history. More details of this event to follow!


Impactful Business Events & Knowledge: Fostering Growth and Innovation

Recognising the ever-evolving landscape of business, our anniversary year will feature an array of impactful events, workshops, and seminars. These gatherings are designed to provide insights into emerging trends, innovative strategies, and best practices, helping our members stay ahead of the curve. We will also celebrate the achievements of our members through the 25th Anniversary of our Annual Business Awards and the 100th edition of the Orient Magazine, showcasing the excellence that defines our chamber.


As we embark on this celebratory year, our mission is to celebrate 70 years of Business, Community, and Connections. We invite each one of you to join us in this year of celebration, whether you're a long-standing member or new to our community, your participation is what makes our chamber vibrant and dynamic. Let's make this 70th Anniversary year a testament to the wonderful community spirit within the British Chamber of Commerce. 


Bookmark to monitor our events calendar, and download the 70th Anniversary Partner pack to align your brand with the celebrations. We would like to welcome our first 70th Anniversary Partners, 1HQ Brand Agency and Singapore Aero Engine Services Private Limited